Jatiwangi is a rural area located in Majalengka, a small district in West Java. A century ago, in 1905 Jatiwangi began its clay industry, which has been rooted in the culture of the people, processing clay into roof-tile and becoming the biggest roof-tile producing region in Southeast Asia.

Since the last 10 years, Jatiwangi has been projected by the Indonesian government as part of a strategic industrial area called the ‘Segitiga Rebana’. The acceleration of infrastructure development is carried out to support industrial estates that are already in the process. There are at least three major infrastructure projects that have been built and surround Jatiwangi, namely; Kertajati International Airport, Patimban Port, and Cirebon Harbor. This wave of this industrialization has brought a lot of changes, not only the geographical landscape and its ever-increasing population density, the cultural and social landscape, or the economy. 

But mainly, Jatiwangi which was previously rural, slowly adopted the logic of urban life. In short, the dynamics of urban life with all its infrastructure are used as benchmarks for regional change and achievement for local governments.

Northern Majalengka is planned to be projected as an industrial sector, with 6.500 industrial factories and 13 new sectors that produce alarming carbon emissions thus will harm the people who live within Majalengka region. Human being are known as forest invaders, be it from a small amount to large. From chopping down a single tree, deforesting for individual necessity, to deforesting a whole virgin forest for infrastructure excuses.
No matter how trivial each construction is, eventually it will raise a conflict. This forest development is planned as a solution for numerous conflicts such as ecological, social, and cultural conflict. This initiative, is also a commitment to raise awareness and atonement for those who harmed Mother Nature.

PERHUTANA (Perusahaan Hutan Tanaraya). PERHUTANA, is a part of Kota Terakota notion for reclaiming land within 8 hectares to become a sacred (conservatory) land. Later on this land will be managed as well as owned collectively by those who get involved in future investment transaction, on the most basic human needs, oxygen.
PERHUTANA are offering land lot in order to grow a forest where every stakeholders will get 3 things in return. Firstly, you will own a land lot within size 4x4m² which later on will be donated for Sacred (conservatory) Forest. Secondly, you will receive an exclusive certificate, designed and made of soil brick. Lastly, you can convert the digital certificate into currency.

After every land lot are sold and planted, PERHUTANA will officially be registered to Ministry of Forest as indigenous forest for those who live in Majalengka region. We are grateful for your participation and willingness to be part of PERHUTANA big family.
Thank you very much.




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